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The Kite configuration consists of a Grand Trine with one of the planets making an opposition to a fourth planet which in turn makes sextile aspects to the two others of the Grand Trine. The Kite has a balance between the easy-flowing energy of the Grand Trine and the more grounding and maybe difficult energy of the opposition.





The Yod being its astrological name, it is also known as the Finger of God or the Finger of Fate. By its configuration it points to and therefore emphasises one particular planet. It is formed by two planets making a sextile aspect to each other and both of these planets making a quincunx aspect to a third planet. Yod is the Hebrew meaning "blessed" and is said to have a kind of fate about it. At once easy by the sextile, yet made difficult by the quincunx aspects, the Yod points to the ultimate challenge and goal.

Yod - Finger of God - Finger of Fate


Mystic Rectangle

The Mystic Rectangle consists of two oppositions in which each planet also makes a sextile or trine aspect to another. Generally easy-flowing energy between the planets but with some difficulty indicated by the oppositions.  

 Mystic Rectangle

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