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Starting to learn about astrology can seem a rather daunting undertaking. With so many sites on the web it can rapidly become too confusing to contemplate. The purpose of this website is to aid those who wish to learn more about astrology from the very basics and to help with understanding their own birthchart. It is also for those who know some of the basics and wish to find out more about other astrological subjects.

Calculating your own chart manually requires many reference sources to obtain time-zones, longitude/latitude, table of houses, ephemerides etc as well as mathematical calculations! To make it easy there is now a free online chart calculation program on this site. This requires the details of birth date, time and place and will be calculated for you instantly. If you are not happy with using that one, there are some other excellent online resources to do this. Please use the Free Charts link on the right hand side of this page, which will take you to the on-site calculation program. On that page there is also a link for a list of other sites if you prefer to have your chart calculated elsewhere. All the sites listed offer a free online calculation.

When you first see your birthchart it will probably look like a jumbled assortment of strange objects. Please click on the link below for an explanation of what your birthchart consists of, or click on the spaceship below. Following the spaceship on each page will take you on a guided tour of the basics of astrology, step by step.



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