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Signs of the Zodiac - Cancer

Glyph of Cancer

Glyph: Cancer glyph

Symbol: Crab

Ruler: Moon 

Exaltation: Jupiter & Neptune

Detriment: Saturn 

Fall: Mars 

Polarity: Negative/Female 

Element: Water 

Quality: Cardinal 

Opposite Sign:  Capricorn 

Colour: Sea Green, Silver, pale blue 

Phrase: I FEEL or I CARE

Quote: People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones - Proverb

General Characteristics: careful, caring, cautious, changeable, clinging, cuddly, deep feelings, emotional, everything will be loved, protected, cherished; hearty, helpful, home-loving, homemaker, imaginative, intuitive, kind, loving, maternal, moody, over-sensitive, panic-stricken, patriotic, pensive, possessive, protective, resourceful, shrewd, soft, solicitous, soppy, strong attachments, sympathetic, tenacious, thrifty, touchy, tough, vulnerable, warm, winsome, worried

Body Parts Ruled: breasts, breastbone, stomach, alimentary canal, lower ribs, womb, pancreas

Objects and things: history, home, water, boats, cooking utensils, gardening tools, home appliances, photographs, potted plants, souvenirs, swimming pools, sailing, sewing, cooking

Foods: cabbage, lettuce, mushrooms, olives, pumpkin, turnip, verbena, tarragon, milk, fish, fruits, vegetables

Flowers and trees: larkspur, acanthus, trees rich in sap, saxifrage, white rose, flax, chickweed, convolvulus, lily, water lily, maple, geranium, cow parsley

Animals: those with shells

Countries: Scotland, Holland, New Zealand, N.& W Africa, Paraguay, Algeria

Cities: Algiers, Amsterdam, Berne, Cadiz, Genoa, Istanbul, Magdeburg, Manchester (UK), Milan, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, Tunis, Venice

Gemstones: moonstone, pearl

Metal: silver

Fixed Stars and approximate degrees: 6 Mirzam; 14 Sirius; 19 Wasat; 19 Propus; 25 Procyon

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