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Fourth/4th House and IC

Type of House: Angular

Natural Sign: Cancer

Natural Ruler: Moon

Polar House: 10th


Keywords and what the Fourth/4th house governs:


home and family, roots, family background, childhood, inner emotions, dwelling house, property, buildings, mines, immovable possessions, domestic life, the end of life, the parent with the most influence (some say this is the house of the father and some that of the mother*), psychological foundations, conditioning

This house cusp is formed in most types of chart by the IC, the Imum Coeli. This is the lowest point of the chart, the nadir, being that which was beneath the earth at the time of birth. This is why it is described as being our roots, our foundation of life. This point is directly opposite the Midheaven (MC).

* There is much debate as to whether the fourth house is the house of the mother or the father. Some astrologers say one and some say the other, or to take the middle line, the parent with the most influence. It would seem more logical to take this as the house of the mother being as the fourth house natural ruler is the moon which also rules the mother, females and nurturing. As the mother is usually the one to provide the basic everyday caring, and the cusp of the fourth house is also the IC, the most basic point of the horoscope, again it would seem more logical that this house should be representative of the mother. It could also be taken that being as the fourth house governs the home and family, that it also represents both parents.

In Mundane Astrology the fourth house governs land, houses, agriculture, farming, crops, mines, minerals, coal pits, quarries, the weather, the opposition party in government

In Medical Astrology, by association of the natural order of the signs, the fourth house governs the breasts, breastbone, stomach, alimentary canal, lower ribs, womb, pancreas.

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