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Ceres, also known as Demeter, is the largest of the main asteroids used in astrology. It represents caring, nurturing and nourishment much like the Moon does, although the moon tends to rule the nurturing of babies and young children, whereas Ceres is more about older children and the caring of other adults. It is Mother Earth. It tells us about our relationships with our parents and children, the relationship between mother and child. It is representative of the love of children. It also represents pain that comes from dependency and the separation from it. It concerns other things such as self-esteem, fertility and the cycles of nature.

Wherever you find Ceres placed in the birthchart will be the area where you will provide comfort and unconditional love, as well as where your need for it lies. In transit, it shows the current needs for these things.

Ceres is also representative of agriculture and horticulture, the nurturing of the seeds, providing nourishment for them to attain their growth.

Keywords and what it rules:

attachment, caring, children, comfort, dependency, diet, eating disorders, fertility, food, grief, growth, love, mother, nourishing, nurturing, nutrition, procreation, reproduction, self-esteem, self-worth, separation, sharing

agriculture, crops, farming, food, gardening, grain, growing, herbs, horticulture, plants, seeds



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