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Juno, also known as Hera, has attributes similar to those of Venus, but whereas Venus is the initial attraction or infatuation, Juno is about the commitment that may or may not follow. It relates to marriage and partnerships, and can indicate by the sign it is posited in the kind of qualities admired in another person. It is representative of attraction, receptivity and compatibility with others. It is the wife or the woman's role in an intimate relationship.

Wherever you find Juno in the birthchart is where you will find indications of where you are most likely to meet someone with whom you may have a long-term, committed relationship.


Keywords and what it rules:

Abuse (by spouse), agreements, atmosphere, attraction, compatibility, contracts, divorce, fairness, fear of abandonment, flowers, infidelity, jealousy, marriage, partnership, possessiveness, receptivity, separation, soul mate, trust, vulnerability, weather, wife



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