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Pallas Athena

Pallas or Pallas Athena or Pallas Athene, also known as Minerva, is associated with wisdom and intuition. Brought in with these attributes are those of logic and applied strategy. It is also creative of original thought, showing artistic ability. Pallas also rules the relationship between father and daughter. It is also representative of the Warrior Woman and the fight to escape from oppressive male domination. On the negative side, it also rules such things as incest and abuse. It is also concerned with science, the code of genetics and with biotechnology.

Wherever Pallas falls in the birthchart shows the area of life where these talents are likely to be found and in what capacity.



artistic, arts, biotechnology, confidence, conflict, creative, daughter, genetics, healing, horses, immune system, injustice, intelligence, intuition, justice, learning, legal battles, logic, politics, science, strategy, strength, wisdom




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Pallas Athena


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